What are we really looking for?

Calculated Wanderings

What are we looking for?The old story goes there was a flood and as the waters rose a man, living in his house, kept going from one floor to the next;until he was finally observed;sitting on the roof of his house praying for God to deliver him.

Not long after, a rescue boat came by and offered the man relief; but he waved it off stating he was waiting for God to save him. When the first boat returned to its post and reported the incident – another rescue boat was dispatched followed by a news helicopter.

When the second rescue boat arrived, with official personnel on board, the man stubbornly but graciously refused their pleas for assistance, insisting he was sure God was going to rescue him from his plight. Finally, with the current getting stronger, the crew had to abandon their rescue attempt.

As a last resort, a helicopter was sent to…

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