Happiness in Salt Lake City

We arrived early – with about three hours to spare before any formal commitments for this trip.  So, my traveling companion and I decided to drive towards the mountains – which wasn’t  a hard feat, no matter where you drive in Utah, there are mountains in front of you it seems.

This constant view of elevated giants was quite the change from the level plains of Michigan. These  monuments had character to them – full of purples and grays, vegetation and more wild sage than the nose can smell.

I felt like I was escaping something incredibly busy and loud as we drove through these canyons. Their jagged edges and non-symetrical shapes brought an odd sense of calm and stability.

They were solid…

…they were the patriarchs of that land …having stood the test of time.

We capped off our visit with a trip to downtown Salt Lake City.  It was clean and vibrant.

Tucked within its contemporary architecture lay the Mormon Salt Lake Temple at  Temple Square. The largest of the church’s temples, it was officially dedicated in 1893 three years before Utah became a state. Within the delicate designs of this temple’s architecture stood a fierce impression of the religion’s heritage and followers.

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