Boston and the National Anthem

Calculated Wanderings

Boston, I believe, has experienced some of this nation’s most significant historical events.

Unfortunately, this past week will go down in the books as another such event. For reasons only the perpetrator (s) know – an abrupt halt was brought to the runners of the Boston marathon. A day, which marks the personal achievements of those who’ve rigorously trained, was finalized in bombs instead of ribbons.

I am overwhelmed as I watch the 24 hour news feeds which seek to understand the enormity of this reality.

And then comes a hockey game

I would imagine those who attended the game struggled with the idea of being involved in something so usual and planned.  As if, going on with their lives, while so many couldn’t was insensitive.

But this is Boston – and this is hockey…

As fans waited for the game to begin – an air of homesickness for the usual hype…

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