Dear Vacation Bible School Teacher…

Dear Vacation Bible School teacher,

I never had a chance to tell you in person – so I am hoping, somehow, my letter finds its way to you.

A long time ago, possibly 14 years or so, you held a summer Vacation Bible School camp in your garage.  Neighborhood kids came to play, sing, eat snacks and learn about Jesus.  One day, I happened to be one of those kids.

What came next would alter the course of my life forever.

You had no way of knowing how turbulent my life had already been and you have no way of knowing how turbulent my life would continue to be. Addiction, disease, loneliness and darkness would hover over me. There would be moments of hopelessness and moments of despair, but most importantly there would be times of incredible faith.

You see, on that day I attended your Vacation Bible School class – as you prayed, while sitting crossed legged on your garage floor – I accepted Jesus into my heart.

With tattered blue jean shorts, scraped knees and a hungry heart – my 7 year old soul responded to the Holy Spirit as you spoke those words which I repeated in my heart.

Your servanthood to me, as a child, has continued to serve me through my life. That day stood as the basis for a fierce faith and love for Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for me. That prayer engraved upon my soul a promise of love and forgiveness that I would need many times over.

Thank you for giving to the Lord, for I am a life that was changed.


4 thoughts on “Dear Vacation Bible School Teacher…

  1. Simply beautiful, we don’t know whose lives we touch along our journey, but when we yield our hearts to serve the Lord, we know that we plant seeds that He himself will water.

    Many Blessings!


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