Book Review: The 5 Money Personalities

The 5 Money PersonalitiesThe Five Money Personalities is written by “The Money Couple” Scott and Bethany Palmer, who work as financial counselors and have written several books and studies on money and relationships. I choose to read this book because my husband and I are at opposite ends of the spending spectrum. I figured I would be doing my part (as the spender and not the savor out of the two of us) to read a book which might teach me to become financially responsible.

I was surprised to find this book wasn’t necessarily about becoming financially responsible, but really about understanding your “money personality” as well as your spouse’s – and how the two can work side by side to create harmony and not discord within your marriage.

If you consider yourself a “visual” person, this book is for you. The interactive quizzes and self-assesments draw a picture of your spending personality and how it relates to those in your household. Whether reading this on your own or along side your spouse, you will learn understanding each other’s money language can drastically enhance your relationship.

Quotes from the book that I thought were meaningful:

“There’s something life-giving about dreaming together as a couple. It’s a reminder that you are stronger together than you are apart. It’s a way of saying to your spouse, “I look forward to the future with you.”

“A strong marriage is only possible when couples reclaim that attraction, when they stop seeing the downsides of their differences and start loving the way they complement each other.”

“Seeing the ways the Opposite Dynamic plays out in your marriage isn’t a free ticket to no more conflict. It’s a way to recognize that those conflicts don’t have to get personal or painful. You can address problems as partners, not as adversaries, because you know that the other person is coming at the problem from a legitimate perspective that just happens to be different from yours. And when you know that, you can work through problems with respect and a true desire to find middle ground.”

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review.


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