Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

Michigan in Snow

Copyright 2013 Heather Lupu

I know the challenge was to capture our neighborhood; but here is a shot taken in the passenger seat of our Ford Focus while driving to my Uncle’s in Holton, MI.  It is breathtaking how snow lined the branches of every tree!

Captured with the iPhone 4s camera and filtered with Instagram.

Challenge details:

It’s here: our first phoneography challenge!

To kick this off, grab your phone and head out the door. That’s right — get on your feet and go outside to explore — and document — where you live. I want to see your neighborhood: The path you take for your daily morning run. Your local coffee shop or dive bar. The nearby alley of street and community art. A shot of the intersection that perfectly captures the bustle of your own corner of town. Or a serene landscape view of your village:


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

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    • I wish I could remember the filter. Usually I just scroll through them on Instagram, not paying attention to their names. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help 😦


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