Happiness in the Final Surrender

Mary washing Christ's FootEach of us has struggles we face – they are life long, daily and even momentary.

I want to talk about that last one. The struggle you hang on to because it is your last means of coping or even your last shred of abnormal normalcy.

Let me use myself as an example. Like any other person existing in the main stream of today’s world, I had a difficult childhood. I say this not to point out that my parents were failures, in fact they were very much the opposite. But life is messy, and inevitable circumstance arose which changed the course of my emotional development from an early age. The result: a handful of dysfunctional coping mechanisms.
Looking back, it seemed as though I consistently rotated life’s battles like marbles within the grip of my palm – able to fall back on those remaining as I let go of one. This coping net became thinner as I began to surrender my life to God little by little.  And now I face the last of my unhealthy coping mechanisms – the final piece I need to surrender so that I may be fulling relying on Christ and not myself or any other idols.

Some of you may cut in order to find a release from the abounding pain inside you…

Others may eat hoping to fill those pot holes in your soul from others frequently traveling across it…

And some of you may even allow men or women to abuse your body, giving them the power to act out the darkness you feel inside your soul…

To stop these behaviors, these struggles, these last coping mechanisms would mean you are left fully relying on the intangible safety net of the Heavenly Father. You are unsure of what this will feel and look like, so you cling tightly to what you know – screaming out that you have already given up so much. But Christ did not die on the cross for us to live a mediocre life.  He did not endure the torture and abandonment of that sacrifice so that we may cling to what damages us instead of resting on His peace.

There was a poem my mom used to have on our refrigerator, that never escaped my mind:

As children bring their broken toys
With tears for us to mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God
Because He was my friend.
But then instead of leaving Him
In peace to work alone,
I hung around and tried to help
With ways that were my own.
At last I snatched them back and cried,
How could you be so slow?
My child,” He said, “What could I do?
You never did let go.
By: Author Unknown

Remember, as the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 118: 6, 9-11, 14-15 NLT:

The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear.
What can mere people do to me…
It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.
Though hostile nations surround me,
I destroyed them all with the authority of the Lord.
Yes, they surrounded and attacked me,
but I destroyed them all with the authority of the Lord…
The Lord is my strength and my song; He has given me victory.
Songs of joy and victory are sung in the camp of the godly.
The strong right arm of the Lord has done glorious things!


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