Happiness in a thank you…

My job is unique – not in what I do but in the variety of responsibilities I have.  From website building to customer service, I interact with people inside and outside my company hourly. Part of this intriguing work I perform is managing a product warranty system. I receive calls from people in all sorts of emotional distress about spots on their shower glass. Which brings us to a warm day, a few years ago in the middle of June.

I received a note in the mail which read:

Thank you note

Thank you for entering my warranty for the ShowerGuard door. Thank you for sending the paper work via snail mail. Your help and professionalism was appreciated.

The task Ms. Jean went out of her way to recognize me for was, in my mind, trivial. However, the thankfulness she extended was significant.

When was the last time you felt appreciation? As I write this post, an ever growing list of moments come into my head:

  • Josh, my husband, who never walks out the door without hugging me first.
  • Frank, who always grabs my mail and drops it at my desk while getting his own at work.
  • Brandon, who never fails to throw gum over my cube wall after lunch because I never have my own.
  • Jackie, the cleaning lady, who pulls things out of my trash she knows I must have accidentally thrown away.
  • Rodrigo, from IT, who patiently answers too many questions as I work on projects with him.
  • Guy, my brother-in-law, who texts, “How are you doing?” almost everyday.

These moments are the small ones.  Ones that slip through the cracks because they don’t seem grand enough to evoke an immediate response of thankfulness. But they build up! Day-by-day they begin to work on a person’s soul.

In a world where feeling appreciated can be thwarted by dysfunctional parents, selfish spouses and stressful work environments – I wonder how many of us realize the power we hold to create this emotion in others.


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