Taking Responsibility for Peace

Written by my father, I couldn’t agree more with him!

Calculated Wanderings

When I grew up there appeared, culturally, a symbol that would stand collectively for what would be called the hippie movement or the counter-culture movement. It was found on the sides of VW buses, belt buckles that held up hip-huger bell bottoms, on the sides of buildings and along the highways of America. I am referring of course to the “peace symbol”. Within the walls of a house that voted for Barry Goldwater there beat within the heart of a yearning teenager the desire to own a belt buckle that, from my point of view, would firmly establish me as part of the emerging “groovy” crowd. My mother, when shopping with me, asked me why I thought it was so important – I mustered this statement, “It stands for peace”.

In a world torn by the Vietnam conflict, this seemed a very credible reason and the perfect avenue to…

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One thought on “Taking Responsibility for Peace

  1. Great Insight Heather.Looking back, I can see God’s thumbprint in your life. God never gives up on His children. When we trust and obey Him, He takes us to places we never dreamed of.We don’t need to be perfect; we serve a Perfect God.


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