Happiness in a card…

While attending college, I worked part-time at a small Hallmark Gold Crown store.  I look back fondly on those 12 hour work weeks and remember the customers whose lives seemed so simple and happy. I took pleasure in wrapping those “perfect gifts” purchased with such care and attention, imagining each recipient opening the folds I was carefully making.  I had fun playing with musical toys and drenched my senses in endless Yankee Candle scents.  I even gained a few pounds from the tempting Russell Stover candies strategically displayed by the cash registers…

But what I cherished most was a single customer named, Irene. Irene was an elderly woman, petite in frame and kind in disposition. Dependant on oxygen and legally blind, Irene would visit each month clutching a crinkled list of names. The time we spent as I read through cards had moments of chuckling over funny phrases, crying over sympathy poems for loved ones lost and light-hearted discussion as we thumbed through endless birthday wishes. I loved these visits with Irene – and looked forward to helping her bring joy into others lives.

For a generation that instant messages, tweets, Facebook posts and emails – sending cards has become a lost art. Nothing can replace the feeling you get – when, sifting through today’s mail you stumble upon a hand written addressed card. Dropping the rest of the mail on the counter and leaning against the wall you eagerly open the envelope.  For a moment in time, forgetting heartaches and stressors, words personally selected and written with you in mind move through your thoughts. You are reminded that you are thought about and not alone.

And, like Irene who came rain or shine to select her cards, sending these parcels of happiness allows you the chance to step outside yourself and put time and thought into another person.

So – have someone in mind that could use encouragement?  Great!- get that parcel of happiness on its way!

Visit (in)courage.me to find great deals on Dayspring cards (I recommend the Redeemed collection!)

While Dayspring kindly gifted me with these cards for review, all opinions and thoughts are mine.  If you’re interested in doing a review for Dayspring in the future, check out October’s opportunity here!

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2 thoughts on “Happiness in a card…

  1. What a wonderful lesson was impressed upon your heart by this lovely woman! Thank you for pressing it onto mine. I have so many good intentions to send cards, but they never seem to make it to the top of the pile. Time to make it a priority!


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