Forgiveness by Matthew West

“Losing a loved one is the hardest thing we have to endure in our lives, but the pain and grief becomes unfathomable when someone else takes the life of someone you love. Matthew West has spent the last few years collecting stories from his fans to compile the beautiful songs on his past records. Renee is the mother of a daughter that was killed by a drunk driver and inspired Matthew’s latest song Forgiveness. Renee demonstrates forgiveness at it’s finest as she not only forgave her daughter’s killer, but fought to get his prison sentence reduced. To make this inspiring story even sweeter, you get to hear a sneak peek of the new song by Matthew West!”


6 thoughts on “Forgiveness by Matthew West

  1. Thank you Heather for connecting the dots and making this story about Matthew West and the story behind his song known to me…more will hear thanks to you…it brought tears to my eyes.


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