Happiness (and weight loss) in Traveling

Most of my weight gain has occurred while I’ve been on the road the past eight weeks.  I’ve traveled from Fresno, CA to Providence, RI – and it’s easy to say there was nothing short of great food EVERYWHERE I went.  I’ve become an expert at finding sinfully delicious deserts (you’d think I would put that energy towards finding the best kind of fruit plate!) which hasn’t helped my waist size shrink.

So, as I ventured out to Chicago for the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair this past week, I was determined to make things different.  Because my major set back is hunger (sounds simple and kind of rudimentary but read on…) and I was driving this trip I needed to make some fundamental changes in order to survive.  Those close to me will attest that when I am hungry I am mean.  I grow 10x’s my size, turn green and destroy everything in my path (if you aren’t catching this reference please choose your favorite search engine and type my exact description in). I am more disagreeable and angry than normal- which sets me on a rampage to find the nearest source of nourishment -which often consists of Culver’s frozen custard and fried cheese curds.  Therefore, I packed a little survival kit consisting of grapes, water and a Naked Strawberry & Banana fruit smoothie.  I know this sounds like little- but grapes satisfied my desire to munch, water kept me surprisingly full and the smoothie is a meal all in itself.


2 thoughts on “Happiness (and weight loss) in Traveling

  1. Are you sure you ate those grapes? Just asking, because it appears that your purse is guarding them fairly fiercely. It looks as though it may bite your hand off if you slipped it in grab a few.


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