Happiness…is in the memories

Mildred (Riepp) Singer 1920-2011

May 8th will mark the one year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing.  To remember this incredible woman, my mother asked me to create a memorial.  To most granddaughters this would be an honor, but I never knew my grandmother.  For reasons important to her, she lived a life a part from me.  So, as I sat on my living room floor with decades of her memories sprawled before me, I hand picked photos I felt told this woman’s story the best.

Initially I felt as though I was spying into her life.  But as I studied the details, I began to understand the incredible honor and pleasure it was to restore what time had tried to steal away from me. The hours I spent renovating these snapshots gave me precious moments with her.  A woman I once felt I didn’t know, now seems very close to me.

Here’s to you grandmother, thank you for standing up for what you believed in and for sharing your memories with me.



3 thoughts on “Happiness…is in the memories

  1. This was very touching. I read some pain between the lines, but most of all gratitude. There are different ways to get to know somebody, and sometimes it happens to be through pictures. Thank you for sharing this.



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